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Cellos For Purchase 大提琴出售

We have a wide selection of European and Chinese made cellos in all sizes and budgets available for purchase.  Each cello is carefully sourced and has been individually set up and fine tuned to ensure that they produce the best possible sound.  We can also arrange for custom made cellos.


Please contact us for more information.

Cellos For Rental 大提琴租用

Rental cellos are available in three grades -- standard, advanced and premier.  While even the standard grade cellos are high quality instruments indivudually sourced and carefully maintained, one would find that the higher quality cellos produce markedly better sound quality.   Avaiable in most sizes for each grade.


Please contact us for reservations.

Standard Grade

HK$400 / month

Advanced Grade

HK$500 / month

Premier Grade

HK$600 / month

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Terms and Conditions of Rental Cellos


1. Rentals are only available to Hong Kong residents with valid HKID.


2. Minimum rental period of six months for Advanced and Premier grades.  Twelve months of rental fees are payable in advance at the beginning of the rental period for all grades. 


3. One month notice required for all early termination and extensions.


4. All repairs must be carried out via HKCA.  Cost for repairs as a result of faulty materials or structural deficits will be borne by HKCA.   Renters shall be responsible for loss and damages, as well as replacement of consumables such as strings, bow, bow hair, and cello case.

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Hong Kong Cello Academy 香港大提琴學院

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