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Retail 商店

We have a wide selection of cellos for different ages, levels, and budget available for purchase or rental.  Whether your child is a beginner or advancing through the grades, we can provide reasonably priced instrument to best suit their needs and fit your budget.   We also carry cello accessories and scores used in the courses at the academy.


Please contact us for reservations.

Cello Purchase & Rental 大提琴租售

We carry a wide range of cellos that are suitable for all ages, levels, and budget for purchase and rental. Alternatively, we can also source cellos by order that will fit your requirements.  

Cello Accessories 配件

We carry a range of cello accessories for your convenience.

Cello Cases 琴盒 / 大提琴盒

A wide variety of Chinese and French-made cello cases are available.

Cello Scores 樂譜

For your convenience, we also carry cello scores used by the academy.

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Hong Kong Cello Academy 香港大提琴學院

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